The Joyful Miles Podcast

Ep 95: Things we love - Part Two!

July 19, 2019


Since there's so much to love about running and fitness, we're following up our Ep. 85 Valentine's show with another round of favorites! What's yours? If you'd like, pop on over to the Joyful Miles Running Club Facebook group and share there! 


We'd love it if you checked out Laura's blog post and/or watch this video about Duncan Finigan! For every pair of OOFOS sold from their Project Pink collection and all other orders, they donate 3% directly towards the Dana-Farber Breast Cancer Research team to support new medical breakthroughs with the potential to help patients, like Duncan, feel better! 


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Also, we are going on hiatus for the rest of July and August. But we'll be back on September 6th with a brand-new show and much to talk about! Until then, take care and have a great summer!


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